2020-21 School Year


  • April Family Events

    Members of the JHS 123X community are welcome to join us at the following Family Events this month. On April 11th, Mr. Robles will host a Q&A from 11am to 12pm. Our monthly Town Hall with Principal Hallenbeck will take place on Wednesday, April 28th from 5:30 to 6:30pm. And our Parent Association Meeting will take place on Wednesday, April 14th from 6 to 7pm. We look forward to seeing you there! 

    JHS 123 -The Bronx Urban Community Magnet School
  • Blended Learning Opt-In Period

    When and How to Opt In to Blended Learning:

    Beginning Wednesday, March 24, you can visit the Learning Preference Survey to select blended learning for your child. Families can also call 311. You can change to blended learning until Wednesday, April 7.

    When Your Student Can Return to the School Building:

    Students in grades 6-12 who opt into blended learning during this opt-in window will return at a later date, and we will communicate more details as soon as possible. Updates will be posted at https://www.schools.nyc.gov/coronavirus.

    Requirements for Returning to the School Building:

    Please note that if you select blended learning for your child, you must submit the consent form for random COVID-19 testing by the first day your child begins in-person learning. You can submit your consent for testing one of two ways: Through your New York City Schools Account (NYCSA) under ‘Manage Account’, or complete and sign the consent form available here and bring it to your child’s school on the first day they are back in the school building.

    JHS 123 -The Bronx Urban Community Magnet School
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Blended Learning Procedures

Our school Safety Team has been hard at work creating a safe and healthy learning environment for students who will be attending school in person. This includes a number of important safety procedures that students and staff are expected to follow. The information below provides an overview of these expectations. 


  • All community members including staff, students, and visitors are required to wear masks at all times when on school property. This includes the courtyard during arrival and dismissal.
  • Students are expected to bring masks with them to school, however if a student forgets a mask or loses a mask, school personnel will make sure a disposable mask is provided. 

Morning Entry (Check out the video →)

  • Students line up against the fence in the Stratford Courtyard, while adhering to social distancing protocol.
  • Designated staff members will do temperature checks and inform students of their group number.
  • In the courtyard, homeroom teachers will stand with their group sign in a specific floor spot while maintaining social distancing.
  • After teachers have their groups they will escort the group to their classroom.


  • Students will remain in one classroom for the entire day with their group of classmates.
  • Class sizes adhere to the state and city's guidelines. Each group of of students is between 8 to 12 students depending on the classroom size
  • Teachers, paraprofessionals, and support staff will rotate into the classroom for instructional periods.  
  • All classrooms have desks/seating that meet the 6 feet social distancing requirement. 

Bathroom/Water Fountain Usage

  • ONE student per class should be allowed to use the restroom/water fountain to help ensure social distancing.
  • A School Aide will be designated to monitor the bathroom line and ensure students are sanitizing their hands upon entering and leaving the bathroom.
  • Only one water fountain will be available to students to ensure proper sanitizing. 

Lunch Periods

  • Students will remain in their seats adhering to social distancing as they eat their lunch.  They are allowed to discard their lunches in the proper receptacle when finished. 
  • Assigned staff will deliver the lunches and return the empty bags at the end of the lunch period(s).
  • Staff will place lunch bags outside the classroom door for pickup.


  • Staggered dismissal will start at 1:50pm. Students will be dismissed when they are informed. 
  • Designated staff members will go around to the classrooms and inform the teacher that they can escort the class downstairs for dismissal.
  • All entry and dismissal into and from the school will be done via Staircase 5 (courtyard doors).