Student Life

2021 Virtual Science Fair

On March 24th we held our 2021 Virtual Science Fair. This was a culmination of months of hard work from our amazing science fair club members. It was a wonderful event and we are so proud of the students who presented! Here are the finalists' presentations for everyone to enjoy, as well as the awards they won.

Nazli Morocho: "Does the flavor of ice cream affect how fast the ice cream melts?"

Presentation  **Winner- Teacher's Choice Award!**


Hailey Ramjit- "Which will have the longest flavor, sugar free or regular gum?"

Presentation  **Winner- Most Creative Award!**


Rajat Sahu- "Does temperature affect the life of a battery?"

Presentation  **Winner- Future Scientist award AND Community Choice Award!**


Ebrima Senghore- "Does changing the size of a paper airplane affect how far it flies?"

Presentation  **Winner- Future Engineer Award!**


Kayla Pine- "How does the human heart work?"

Presentation **Winner- Future Doctor Award!**


In our efforts to improve the culture of our school, we have use a proactive model to deal with behavior inside and outside of the classroom. With that said, we have implemented a school-wide behavior management system that incorporates our P.A.C.K values. Students will always be rewarded for their positive behavior!


  • Be on time
  • Have appropriate materials
  • Be ready to learn

Acting Responsibly:

  • Follow classroom rules and procedures
  • Complete all class assignments
  • Monitor voice level
  • Follow 10/10 rule


  • Use accountable talk
  • Use appropriate language at all times
  • Contribute to discussion
  • Actively listen and respond politely to peers and teachers

Kindness and Cooperation:

  • Follow classroom rules and procedures
  • Treat equipment, space and materials with care
  • Be respectful